Monday, July 14, 2008

always wanted

when we started telling people we were moving from the city to the country, their responses were always the same: oh, i've always wanted to do that ~ over and over again: oh, i've always to do that ~ it's surprisingly easy, really ~ everything fell into place in an offbeat sort of way for us, but it all ultimately stemmed from going for a drive and happening upon something beautiful

here, we are surrounded by the picturesque ~ the careless way in which a hat is left hanging and a broom is left leaning near the coop ~ a handsome rooster perched atop an old wooden well ~ logs lined up in front of the forsythia ~ i've tried many times to describe the feeling i got after my daughter called me out to the porch on the first day of spring and i found myself smack dab in the middle of the equinox ~ a giant orange sun to my right and a giant, one-day-from-being-full moon to my left ~ all of us appearing to be on the same horizonal plane ~ it was a soulshifting moment

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