Sunday, July 27, 2008

country club

When I was a kid, my family belonged to Indian Hills Country Club in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. It had a huge swimming pool, tennis courts, and a snack bar with a family tab. We could order anything for nothing! -- too young to understand credit.

Out here, there is Smokerise Swim Club, where the kids go with their summer care group, but we are not members. Instead, we formed our very own club -- a real country club -- where the kids run barefoot through longish grass, decorate the walk with chalk, (try to) catch chickens with a net, and cast lines off the front porch. The Olympic-sized hose is perhaps the most popular feature, and the snack bar serves blue corn chips and salsa. Open to everyone -- no membership fees. Ain't we fancy.

[Full disclosure: PawPaw also has a real swimming pool and is fewer than five minutes away.]


Samantha Bonnie said...

Are you ready for the country because it's time to go...what does Neil Y sing after that?

countrypeapie said...

that's funny - i was just listening to that ~ that's all there is to the chorus, i think :)