Monday, July 14, 2008


when i was growing up, my grandmother made something she called chisum fudge ~ it was the yummiest chocolate pecan fudge i've ever tasted, named after a man who stayed with her and my grandfather for a while ~ i don't remember any specifics about the man, but now that we have lived through several housemates of our own, i wonder whether chisum fudge was an homage or just an inside joke

here is a list of housemates we've had to date -- the good, the bad, and the verging on insane:

cousin robbie - as good a housemate as you could ever want ~ he accidentally saw me naked once ~ oh, well

billy langston ~ a man of interesting discussions and habits ~ he is one of only two people i've ever seen wander around town playing the harmonica ~ i think he might have scared the crap out of the welcome wagon lady when he answered the door after having only three hours of sleep

jody ~ jody, jody, jody ~ a fun guy ~ always amusing to find him sleeping in his truck in our yard even after he moved out

shannon ~ a little odd in a creative, witch-like way ~ he is the father of carla's baby (we met her in our natural childbirth class) ~ immature, harmless, but took advantage of a sizable money advance from lee by never actually doing any of the work and instead buying cds and water guns

stancil ~ did a lot of yardwork for us at first, and painted some, but then the work petered out and he started using our phone to yell at his girlfriend while our baby girl slept in the next room ~ later we discovered he was an ex(?)-crack addict

yes, there was a time when lee brought home stray people ~ that time is over ~ now my best-ever housemates are as follows:

lee ~ the coolest jammie spinning in space ~ simultaneous incarnation, man! ~ VIC-tah VOSS-buuurgh ~ staaaaar wars, su-per ma-yon

leah ~ dang that girl is smart ~ and beautiful ~ and kind-hearted ~ and she can already write better songs than i can ~ stunt girl!

neal ~ buggy, where'd you get those big ol' eyes? ~ sweet boy ~ silly peanut ~ remember when everything was a game? ~ he does, and it still is :)

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