Tuesday, July 15, 2008

ninety to nothing

when we got back from pawpaw's pool this evening, we could hear the sound of mister sanders' tractor in the pasture across the way ~ near dark, with the moon glowing high and the cows quieting down around the pond

now we're researching wood burning stoves ~ we have a very small one, but it doesn't quite make it through the night ~ we're looking to upgrade ~ hard subject to research when it's 90+ degrees outside and the air conditioning in your car works only sporadically ~ the opposite of shopping on an empty stomach ~ but when you've got kids, you learn to multiply the normal amount of time it takes to accomplish any given task by the number of kids you have, and then tack on some extra just for good measure

random question: why do so many STM publishers know so little about their industry? (sigh)

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