Friday, August 1, 2008

green eggs and apples

Lee has a habit of befriending his customers, and the other day he was talking to a woman from China about wanting to try a century egg. She walked over to her cabinet, pulled one out, and gave it to him -- told him that if he liked it, she would tell him where he could get them. If you're not familiar with this kind of egg, go here for more fascinating information:

That same day, another one of his customers sent him home with a big bag of fresh, hand-picked green apples. Is there anything nicer and more heartfelt than a gift of food?

In other news, my friend Ashley and I played a show with my younger brother on Wednesday night. He was kind enough to play with us after only having heard the songs for the first time a few hours before the show started. With no monitors and no real idea of what was going on, we managed to pull it off and have a good time at that. Josh rocks.

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