Monday, August 11, 2008

hanging out to dry

Last year, we pulled a clothes line between two big trees from which to hang our clothes, but we grew tired of the way the long line obstructed the view of the yard, so this year we installed an umbrella hanger instead. It holds about three or four loads, drying remarkably fast in the hot summer sun. We still have our dryer, which we reserve for rainy and/or wicked cold days, but we haven't had to use it much.

I find it's most convenient to clip the pins to myself in between loads, hayseed flapper style.

Recycling is not as easy here as it was in the city. Birmingham residents may leave non-glass recyclables at the curb and drop off glass at the Conservancy downtown. We must stow all recyclables in boxes that we haul to the Conservancy every month or so, when we're in town for some other reason. Between recycling, throwing things into the compost heap, and feeding the chickens, we produce a lot less trash than we used to.

Speaking of compost, our marigolds finally bloomed! They grew crazy high and green for the longest time -- I was afraid the soil (which consisted primarily of compost) was too rich for them. Then one afternoon I gazed out into the field and saw yellow and orange blossoms standing taller than any marigolds you will ever see in flats at the garden shop. I cut most of them on Sunday and combined them with some pink crape myrtle, geranium leaves, and lemon balm in a glass jar for Samantha's wedding party. My hands smelled good for a really long time after that.

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Julia said...

Umbrella hangers are great! I got tired of lines too because you have to keep walking down them, moving your basket as you go.

Thanks for the pictures, I like your clothes pin fringe.