Thursday, September 11, 2008

blog for brains

I just performed my first act of kid-inspired blog censorship: I removed the first sentence of my last entry after Leah asked what 's*%ks' means. Not that it's a bad word, really -- just not the sort of thing you want the teacher to overhear.

I read the following brief blog blurb (say that ten times fast) in one of my work-related e-newsletters earlier this week:
Seed Media launches tools to label and tag blogs on peer-reviewed research
Science media company Seed Media Group (SMG) has launched a new technology that will help scientists make use of the explosion of discussions in the blogosphere surrounding published peer-reviewed science. The new technology provides scientists with tools to clearly label and tag blog posts about peer- reviewed research. Labeled posts are then aggregated, indexed, displayed and disseminated, effectively making blogging more functional to the advancement of science.
I love the idea that this kind of technology mimics the way the brain works, taking all sorts of stimuli and arranging and rearranging them into various organizational pictures.

And now I'm going to watch House. The DVR recorded about 20 episodes during a House marathon. Better than chocolate even.

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