Monday, September 8, 2008

cool weenies

Being accustomed to working with Outlook's email functionality, I find AOL both frustrating and annoying. But, I have to admit that I appreciate KAOL, the kids version that Leah and Neal sometimes use. It prevents them from going to any sites that aren't pre-approved, which came in handy the other day when Leah was about to perform a search for 'cool weenies' (she is enamored with dachsunds). Kind of reminded me of the time my friend Pam wanted me to know what the lead singer of the band Bush looked like, so she started to type the word 'bush' into the search field -- at work -- and was about to hit go when I said, Dude -- bad idea.

Speaking of weenie dogs, here is the original draft of a story by Lee and Leah, each taking a turn writing a sentence:

Somebody Ate the Weenie Dog

Speedy was a little brown weenie dog. He liked to go on walks. One day he was in the park and he saw a hot dog vendor. He walked to the hot dog stand. The vendor thought he had dropped a hot dog, so he picked Speedy up and put him in the box. When the next person came, he gave the box with Speedy to them. The person who got the box opened it up and pulled out Speedy in a bun. He opened his mouth and took a bite of Speedy's tail. Speedy did not like being bitten, so he bit him back and ran. The man screamed. Speedy barked. That just goes to show you, you should never put a weenie dog in a bun.

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Julia said...

Great story, tell Leah she's a natural narrator!