Tuesday, September 23, 2008

crazy jambalacos

Lee and the kids like to poke fun at my crazy, makeshift dinners. The other day, I made something they dubbed 'crazy jambalacos' -- it was a taco dinner, but I didn't have any soy crumbles, so I used beans instead, mushing them up and seasoning them and topping them off with cheese. I'm not sure why, but they did end up tasting like New Orleans tacos.

Attempting to compete with my dinnertime improvisations, Lee whipped one up entirely based on shells: shells and cheese, peanuts still in their shells, and hard boiled eggs. For dessert: bananas and oranges (we convinced ourselves that peels counted as shells).

Speaking of hard boiled eggs, I would argue that once you've seen and tasted farm-fresh eggs, you can never comfortably go back to the ones you get at the store, even if they say they're organic and free range and farm fresh and all of that other good-sounding stuff. The color is just not ever the same as the vibrant orange of a truly fresh egg, and the taste is equally lacking. Unfortunately, our chickens are so free to range that they have decided to lay their eggs wherever they want, which is not always in the coop. We still manage to gather enough eggs for our family, but I really miss having enough of a surplus to give some away. Also, I've collected enough egg cartons to open a craft store, and they just keep coming (I told all of my coworkers that I was permanently collecting cartons a while back, when we were gathering six or seven eggs a day). So we read and we clean the coop and we put out fresh straw and we hunt the wild nests. I'm pretty sure the chickens are laughing at us.


Julia said...

We used to stalk chickens when we were kids, trying to find where they'd hidden their eggs. This was at our best friend's farm, and they too had wild range poultry.

Fresh eggs, very yummy.

Lee's theme meal sounds a bit like Will's everything must be flambeed special, except more edible!

countrypeapie said...

Will's version sounds a bit more dangerous as well!

Well now, since you have some experience in the matter of hunting eggs outside of Easter, perhaps you can help us when next you come to town. Dee seems to find the eggs before we do, and unfortunately she does not handle them with care. ;)

Julia said...

Our trick was to watch the chickens to see where they would sneak off too. We were sure they had an elaborate secret system developed to keep us on our toes! The imaginations of 8 year olds ;-). I'd love to try the egg hunt again though, and introduce C to the challenge too.