Monday, September 15, 2008

fall, do

fall, do
through hot wet air
we wait for you

listless, a body
accustomed to itself

sweet, cool the sweat
gentle land the sheet

beneath a sun not new
grace ages
acquaints itself

fall, do
with longness of breath
we want for you


Julia said...

A poem post is such a nice gift, it is something to come back to and read again and again.

countrypeapie said...

I was inspired after I read news of the Library of Congress appointment of Kay Ryan as the 2008-09 Poet Laureate Consultant in Poetry. Her stuff reminds me of Dickinson. I wasn't going for that, though -- it was just a nice day verging on autumn.

Julia said...

I like the dew fall connection, and imagine a mountain morning with queen annes' lace and the leaves just turning. And then the sun propositioning fall, and the longing longness of breath running into want - so very nice.

countrypeapie said...

Well I think you almost just wrote a little poem yourself! :)