Saturday, September 13, 2008


Today was girls' day out: Leah, Katie, and I went out to lunch, browsed around the book store, and wore ourselves out roller skating (wipe out!). I LOVE the sheer joy of rolling old-school, four-on-the-floor, around the slick wooden rink. I hope I am never too old to roller skate. (I have noticed that I tend to be one of only a few parents who actively participates in such things as roller skating and water sliding. I don't know what that says about me, and I don't care.)

The picture is of Leah, Katie, and Neal in one room of the chicken coop, with the 'teenage' chickens roosting on a branch behind them. Two of the teenagers are ameraucanas (easter-eggers), which means they lay blue-green eggs. They're not quite old enough to do so yet, but we're looking forward to our pretty eggs.


Julia said...

I love roller skating!! Water slides too, though I get dizzy on the fast ones ;-).

countrypeapie said...

So much fun! I like jumping around and sliding down the huge inflatables that are so popular here now, too. Can't do roller coasters and other carnival rides, though. Must be some sort of body control issue.

Julia said...

I've never tried the inflatables but if they are anything like trampolines I'd love them.