Sunday, September 7, 2008

mission accomplished

Formerly a grody junk room, the kids' room now has paint, faux parquet flooring, and some cute wooden items we've picked up here and there. There's a great little antique shop in Hanceville called Lavender and Lace. There we found some small Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls, an old enamel wash tub, two metal stars, and a rocking horse. We picked up a bunk bed at a thrift store, and the rest of the furniture is handed down. Hanging on the wall, among other things, is a washboard that once belonged to my grandmother. It says DKC in faded red glitter -- her instrument when she played with the Dixie Kettle Club. I've got a great black and white picture of the band, all gussied up and ready to play.

The room has an intentionally rough finish to it, and the kids love dumping their toys on the floor, building log houses and train tracks. Today, Lee orchestrated an afternoon-long adventure, helping them examine maps and decipher notes written in code. Dragons were slayed, silver and gold was discovered, flowers and eggs were hunted and gathered. Neal let his sword lead the way, while Leah traipsed about in her black explorer boots and pink shoulder bag. At long last, with play, dinner, a bath, and two chapters of The 101 Dalmations behind them, they are asleep beneath their quilts, in their finally finished room.

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