Friday, September 26, 2008

debates and dolls

Lee is in the other room explaining the presidential debate process to Leah. She seems very interested in such things. We are careful and thoughtful with our words, much as we are when we talk about religion. She is trying to sort out the relative importance of mayors, governors, and presidents. Meanwhile, Neal is constructing a house of Jenga blocks and Lincoln logs so that Biteman (which is what he calls Batman) will have a place to sleep tonight.

two hours later....

I've just finished reading the final two chapters of The Cricket in Times Square to the kids at bedtime, and I couldn't help but weep when Chester cricket returned to Connecticut. Fortunately, Lee found my Red Riding Hood doll at the old house, so I reckon I'll snuggle up with her and fall asleep while he watches the debate. I'm too tired to get myself all riled up -- it'll just have to wait until tomorrow.

(The doll is my favorite -- if you pull her dress over her head, she turns into Grandmother, and then if you pull Grandmother's hat over her head, she turns into the Big Bad Wolf. Forgive the quality of the pictures, particularly the blurry Wolf. I am buying a camera this weekend!)


Julia said...

We read the last chapter of The Cricket in Time Square Thursday night! Somehow late September is the right time to finish it don't you think?

So glad to hear about the camera! What are you getting?

countrypeapie said...

I agree -- late September is perfect. :)

Not sure about the camera. It's really ridiculous that I've waited this long to get one, but my Pentax still works, and I'm a sucker for old technology. We've got a subscription to Consumer Reports online, so I'm going to check into it tonight. Any suggestions?