Monday, December 29, 2008

at long last

Other than some sinus irritation, Leah's MRI results are normal.

Phew. (As opposed to phick.)

The doctor's office was extremely apologetic about how long it took. The holidays, combined with the moving picture quality of the results, delayed the feedback. Thank goodness we don't have to do that again. I'll be consulting with them and the pediatrician again next week to determine whether we need to shift gears and visit the twitch clinic. Some days it's so minimal that we hardly think about it; others it's so bad that she holds her eye and asks for a warm, wet washcloth, and the worry grabs hold again. The twitch clinic would try to determine whether it's your basic twitch, or whether it looks more like Tourette's (the age of onset fits).

Did I hide my nervous wreckishness well?


The Country Experience said...

Thank goodness on the MRI results!

If it's weighing on your mind, maybe you should go ahead and have the twitch evaluated.

And try to notice if there is anything in particular that she is eating, etc on the days when the twitch is worse.(sugar or chocolate or peas or....) Could it be something in the house? Is there lead-based paint and could that cause twitching or muscle spasms? Hmm... Has she had her vision checked and it isn't eye strain?...Sorry, I'm not an MD, I just am hoping it is something easy to fix, if it is a problem.

If it is Tourette's, children can grow out of it, can't they? Gosh, I still hope it isn't, since that sounds so scary.

Julia said...

Great news!

countrypeapie said...

TCE: Yes, we'll probably end up at the clinic, just to be sure. The Tourette's you see on TV, with the uncontrollable shouting and such, is actually pretty rare. It's more commonly a persistent facial or body twitch. And even though the age of onset fits, there is also usually some heredity involved, and we don't know of any relatives with it.

It was a pediatric eye doc that ordered the MRI. Her pediatrician referred us to him so that we could evaluate her eyes first, before assuming anything else. The MRI was mainly to rule out Horner's Syndrome, which could have been causing both the twitch and the eyelid droopiness.

To answer your questions: After much initial googling of symptoms, we made a ludicrously long list of potential factors (diet, environmental, etc.). I handed the list to the pediatrician, explaining that I couldn't help it -- I watch House. :)

Hi Julia! Are y'all back from Switzerland?

The Country Experience said...

Yeah, I didn't want to say "I know someone who-" but I do know someone who I am 99.9% sure has Tourette's and it's very mild. The name still sounds scary, nevertheless, because of the unknown and when it's your child.

House--I wonder what drs think of that show.

Allison said...

Whew, I'm glad you all finally got your results! I guess there's still some hurdles to cross, but I'm glad it seems they ruled out the worst.