Sunday, January 18, 2009

let's go fly a kite

The unbelievably-cold-for-Alabama snap has passed, and today was just perfect for flying a kite:

I didn't take any pictures of Lee climbing the ladder to the very top of the Kite-Eating Tree. You'll just have to imagine that.


The Country Experience said...

Pretty kite. Good pictures, too. No cheese (which has its place sometimes) & I liked their backs being towards the camera while they focused on the kite. It gave the pictures a sense of movement.

I just noticed the last part in your "About Me", the part about you now training for the full marathon. I don't know why I haven't noticed it before. More power to ya!

mountainmelody said...

How fun!

countrypeapie said...

Thanks TCE! Yeah, I finally went completely insane and decided to do a full marathon. Only once! Then I'm cutting back. Who the heck has time to run for four or five hours, anyway? Jeez.

MM: It was great! The kids kept waiting for cars to drive by so that other people would see their kite. Not too much traffic on this road, though!