Sunday, February 8, 2009

the gang's all here

My older brother and his family have lived in Prague for the past decade or so, and my younger brother and his family have lived all over: California, Oklahoma, and now Mobile, Alabama. It's rare that we're all together, but this weekend we were, and I got to meet my striking red-headed nephew for the very first time! He's the little one on the far right. His older sister is next to him in white. My kids are on the left, and the remaining three belong to my younger brother and his wife:

Striking red-headed nephew is also known as "the dude." Here are the dude's parents, his mom* explaining to me why she doesn't like having her picture taken:

What's one of the neatest things about family gatherings at my mom's house? The horseshoe pit.

Lee: 21, Josh: 3. Not exactly regulation play. BURN! says Lee to Josh, nevertheless.

* SIL has an actual camera and knows how to use it, as opposed to my crapass cell phone and hasty clicks. Check out her blog for beautiful shots of all kinds of interesting things.


The Country Experience said...

Nothing like some healthy competition for a family gathering, eh? What a butt-whoopin'.

You are totally right--I made some more bread and put butter on it while it was still hot. Mmmm, good!

Julia said...

You notice we both seem to be talking in that shot? At least I have my eyes closed so I can't see the results ;-).

Fun times this weekend, and we'll miss ya'll lots! Pics to post soon.

Josh said...

Oh yeah? Well, well,....bbbbllllllssssppp!

countrypeapie said...

Hey TCE! Now try mixing a little honey with your butter. Heaven!

Hey Julia! I promise I will have a real camera by the time I see you again! I hope y'all have a wonderful time in Charleston and a safe trip home. Oh, and the kids LOVE their presents!

Howdy Josh! You know, I thought you both played well -- nice form. And you should totally get extra points for destroying the frame.

Heather said...

Love family photos! Love it. My favorite is the one with the Dude's parents. They cannot stop you!

countrypeapie said...

Heehee -- thanks Heather!