Sunday, March 15, 2009

things that happen here

Remember when it snowed a couple of weeks ago?

The very next weekend, we started some of our seeds ~


eggplant and squash.

The only ones that haven't yet sprouted are the ground cherries, which are really a type of tomato. There's no need to start squash indoors, as you can see by the way it has shot up after only one week. We just figured we'd get a head start since we're a little behind on some other things. We have about a jillion more to start, and we've got to tend to these little germinators as well, thinning some and relocating others.

Gone are the daffodils ~

and the forsythia ~

giving way to spirea ~

Periwinkle is its simple self ~

The tulip tree sheds its dressing ~

Lythrum at Goblins in my Garden helped me know these bright little blossoms
as flowering quince ~

The shiitake log is busy making shiitakes ~

That little dot to the right of the mushrooms is a ladybug, the indoor population of which is enough to drive anyone mad, but at least now they have a kitchen sprouting garden to visit.

Life grows ~

and leaves evidence of itself ~

in the form of a phone, a globe, a miniature tornado-maker, half of a hard-boiled egg, pistachios and shells, a screwdriver, and the work of children.


Julia said...

Have you tried the shiitakes? And the scattering of snow with shed/flowers/trike pics are beautiful.

The Country Experience said...

Way to tie it all together.

countrypeapie said...

Hey J! Lee eats the shiitakes in his miso soup every morning. He says they're tasty!

Thanks, TCE!

Lythrum said...

Looks like you guys have been busy!

Julia said...

Excellent about the mushrooms. I've never hunted shiitakes wild but we do collect boletes which are really yummy. I admit I always run them by a Czech expert because I'm a wimp that way.

countrypeapie said...

Hi Lythrum! We are very determined gardeners these days, but really it's the plants that are doing most of the work!

J, the shiitakes grow in our laundry room, so I'm not sure that counts as hunting (although usually our laundry room is quite messy). When it comes to mushrooms, better a live wimp....