Thursday, April 2, 2009

while i was sleeping

When finally I crawled out of bed after a week's worth of sickness, I discovered that the dogwoods had bloomed ~

Miss Wisteria soon will send word

to the privet and mimosa tree
(by way of the bumble bee):

Put on your pearls, girls -- step past your bounds!
Kudzu's not the only thing taking over this town.


mountainmelody said...


Lythrum said...

I was down with the crud a couple of weeks ago too. It's amazing how quickly things went from dead and grey to a riot of color. :)

edifice rex said...

Agh! You have a red one! Man, I want a red dogwood so bad but can't ever get them to live.

The Country Experience said...

Good verse!

Journey2thepast said...

Awww...I want a dogwood in my yard!! All I have is daffodils, bummer...

countrypeapie said...

Thanks MM!

Hey Lythrum ~ Sorry to hear you had it, too. I need to take my kids to the Botanical Gardens -- I bet the Japanese garden is beautiful right about now. Plus, they love getting lost in the bamboo.

Hi Annie ~ I can't take any credit for the lovely dogwoods, nor much else that blooms around here. It was like this when we got here!

Thanks TCE!

Hey Heather B ~ Maybe this fall, Catherine and I could come over and dig our hands in the dirt. I could probably learn a few things from her myself!