Sunday, May 17, 2009

deer valley, utah

It was snowing when we got there ~

The man who drove us from the airport to the hotel is a composer who also plays in a rock band that has toured in Japan. He was nice enough to take a picture of us in front of the hotel ~

left to right: Brent, Neeru, Rick, and me

The conference was hosted by our software provider, so in between ooohs and aaahs over the snowy mountains -- and fabulous food -- we learned all kinds of exciting geek-stuff. (Sorry -- no pictures of the exciting geek-stuff.)

another group shot, courtesy of Alta Anthony at Johns Hopkins University Press

Ski season had just ended, so most of the shops and restaurants were closed, but we did manage to find a cozy book store with a resident cat watching over the register. I needed a book for the plane ride home and could have spent hours browsing. My companions were very patient, and finally I chose a book of poetry by Gary Snyder.

The highlight of the trip: climbing to the top of the wall ~

Special thanks to Neeru for the pictures.


The Country Experience said...

It looks gorgeous there.

Climbing the wall looks like fun. How high was it? What do the little strips of paper under the holds say?

mountainmelody said...

So pretty! But maybe a little too cold for me...

countrypeapie said...

Hey TCE ~ It was beautiful -- I love snow! The wall was pretty high, actually. We probably should have been wearing harnesses, but they were about to close and we were fearless! I stayed on the beginner's side. The different colored tape indicates different climbing patterns you can follow.

Hey MM ~ It was definitely a huge temperature shift between here and there, but snow is so joyful to me -- I love it!

Journey2thepast said...

Wow! That is way more snow than I thought! Like the group pictures too ;)!!

Julia said...

A marathoner and now a rock climber?! I'm impressed.

countrypeapie said...

Hey HB ~ Yeah, it was more snow than we expected, too! Don't we all look chummy?

Hi J ~ Well, although I did climb high, it was on the beginner side of the wall. I couldn't get anywhere on any of the other sides! Any marathons really don't do a darn thing for your triceps -- I was exhausted after about 15 minutes! Very fun, though.