Tuesday, May 19, 2009

a few of his favorite things

Me: Neal, I have some questions for you.
Neal: Okay.
Me: What's your favorite color?
Neal: Blue.
Me: What's your favorite animal?
Neal: Elephant. No, dragon.
Me: What's your favorite food?
Neal: Hotdogs and beans.
Neal: Now. Let's talk about candy for a little while.


mountainmelody said...

He sounds like my kind of guy! ;)

countrypeapie said...

I think our attempts at health-consciousness are having the opposite effect on him -- he is VERY serious about his candy!

Julia said...

What is his favorite?

Allison said...

It's the lure of the forbidden. I've wondered if we were making a little candy coveter out of Ri with our healthy style of eating, but we observed something encouraging recently. He was with a family who eats a standard American diet, including ample amounts of candy, and he ate his fill. He came home and announced "They fed me too much candy--my stomach hurts". We could have spent all day trying to convince him that he'd feel cruddy if he ate lots of candy and sugary drinks but thankfully he made the connection himself.

countrypeapie said...

J, he likes those lick-a-stick things that consist of absolutely nothing but colored sugar! I think they're called Fun Dip? When you've finished dipping the stick into the sugar and licking it off, you can then eat the stick, as it, too, is made of sugar!

Hey Allison ~ So true! Leah has figured this out, but Neal seems to have a higher candy tolerance than she does!