Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I feel like blogging but I don't feel like thinking. I don't feel like doing pictures and text and laying it all out just right. I'm frustrated that I still haven't gotten a decent camera. There is no good reason I still haven't gotten a decent camera, just like there is no good reason I still haven't cut my hair.

A list would be good right about now. Hmmm. Ever wonder what we record on our DVR? No? Oh well, here you go:

The Office
30 Rock
The Daily Show
The Colbert Report
Namaste Yoga
and a bunch of scifi and adult cartoons for Lee

We did manage to get a few of our tomatoes into the ground this afternoon ~

They are actually much taller than this, but we set them deep down, burying some of the leaves as you often do with tomatoes. The soil is amended with coop junk, and the plants are mulched with a layer of compost and a sprinkling of coop hay. They're planted in an area where we're making some raised beds by double digging and terracing, in part of the yard that we didn't turn over with the terramite. Lee has claimed the terramite-turned area -- it is now the island of lost plants. I am ruthless in my culling of seedlings, but he can't bear to let any of them go.

Ah, well -- I couldn't resist adding a picture and text after all. I feel better now.


Julia said...

If you need me to, I'll just say get X camera and here's the link!

Interesting about the tomatos. What happens when they are planted deep? Is it good for their root system?

Anonymous said...

Pretty site! and thanks for watching Reaper. Any Reaper fans? Tell the CW! Snail and email addresses, petitions, etc., are organized here:

auntjill said...

Thanks for going to the effort of adding the photo of the tomato plants Meg - it was worth it for me. And I'll have you know, one of my plants already has two tomatoes on it. :) Jill

countrypeapie said...

Hey J ~ You've actually sent me some suggestions before, and I went so far as to search for them online at Costco, but they didn't have the right ones. I'm in agreement about a Panasonic based on what I've read about the lens. I know it would be easy enough for me to find it -- I just need to commit to some clicking!

About the tomatoes: You got it! Roots form along the buried portion of the stem.

Catko: From a technological standpoint, I know how you found me as soon as I posted the word Reaper. But from a regular human being standpoint, it's a little freaky.

Jill -- is that you?! Thanks so much for stopping by and for leaving a comment. Two tomatoes already -- no fair! I noticed the ones on the sidewalk at Mt. Laurel are already producing, too. Next year, we'll just have to start ours earlier!

Lythrum said...

You've got me beat, I meant to do tomatoes this year and never got any at all. ;)

Julia said...

Go for Amazon, much better selection and the prices are probably as reduced as Costco. I've got the camera picked out, it's begging to go home!!

countrypeapie said...

Hey Lythrum ~ Girl, I would trade some tomatoes for those mountain laurels of yours any day of the week!

J ~ I'm getting closer! I like the one at the link I sent you, but I'm curious about the one you found, too. Send it if you would -- I can compare, contrast, dream....