Wednesday, May 20, 2009

that farmhouse feeling

Two things I like in my appliances: retractable cords and timers.

The past two evenings, drunk with sunshine after a month or more of rain, we have set the timers. Lee made French honey bread that finished baking in the bread machine at exactly 5:50am, just before the magic coffee maker that grinds the beans revved its engine and took off ~

Full of crust and butter and coffee, I contemplate forgiving the chickens for eating my pretty pink roses, which appear to have had enough buds on them to recover ~

It only took one day of sunshine to dry these out, but they sprang right back after a good soaking. I'm not sure what they are; the tag said something as enlightening as Flowering Plant ~

The tomatoes wear tiny fruit that hangs in a graceful droop ~

That's pokeweed growing on the other side of the fence. Lee wants to leave it there so that he can make poke salad, but I for one am skeptical of anything you have to boil three times before it stops being poisonous enough to kill you.

Did I mention we found a turtle? We were loading some wood from a fallen tree when we spotted him beneath the branches. Neal named him George Josh but Lee and I like to call him George Joshington. We made an outdoor habitat of our old rabbit cage. (Which might lead one to wonder whatever happened to our old rabbit. Well. At first he lived indoors with us, but then he chewed through all of the electrical cords, so we moved him out to the chicken coop. Often we let him roam freely through one section of the coop or another, until one day we couldn't find him in any section of the coop. He appeared to have escaped, Alcatraz-style. We later saw him hip-hopping happily in the field. Attempts to lure him back with baby carrots were unsuccessful.)

No pictures of this, but believe me when I tell you that I returned home from a Saturday morning run to find a frog in the tub. We set him free.

(Making progress on the camera front: picked one out, but an untimely flat tire has forced me to delay the purchase until next month.)


Julia said...

So much to say but first, fresh bread in the morning! I'm listening to the laundry run bright and early thanks to a timer, which is nice but not half as tasty.

Does Josh know he has a turtle named after him? I like the name Joshington, quite catchy!

I'm with you on the poke salad ;-).

Sending good thoughts to the car so next month can be camera time. Today I try out a few myself. So excited!

mountainmelody said...

We have lots of that poke stuff around here too. I personally don't eat things I just find out in the woods unless they're blackberries or blueberries. :)

Allison said...

I believe that 'flowering plant' would be a new guinea impatien. :-)

Journey2thepast said...

Oh my God! The picture of that bread made my mouth water!!

countrypeapie said...

Hey J ~ would be cool if you could somehow arrange for the bread to bake in the dryer! I think I mentioned the turtle's name to Josh in an email. We had seen Josh while we were in Mobile, so he must have been on Neal's mind. Thanks for the good car thoughts -- it's always something!

Hey MM ~ The blackberry harvest should be really good this year because of all the rain we've gotten. Mmmmmmm!

Thanks for the ID, Allison! It looks so much like other impatiens I've gotten over the years, except for the leaves, which are a little different, so I wasn't sure. I have a lot to learn about plant life!

Hey HB ~ I highly recommend bread machines. While nothing can quite compete with the image of kneading dough surrounded by a cloud of flour in a slant of sun from the kitchen window, I was VERY happy to wake up to a fresh-bread, farmhouse-y breakfast straight from the appliance!

Rurality said...

Gee, we only get snails in our tub. ;)

You should only eat poke before it has any purple at all showing on it (when it's very small). I think you can cut the roots and plant it so you're sure that's what it is, if you're not sure of the ID. And you still have to boil it more than once! I haven't tried it because I don't like greens in general so I doubt I'd like that either.

The Country Experience said...

If you ever try to have an indoor rabbit again, vinegar rubbed on all cords is a good deterrent. It also works for puppies and kittens much of the time.

I thought about you and your breadmachine last weekend as I was making bread. One of those is on our list..... You know how it is, obviously.

I wonder who was more surprised--you or the frog? lol

countrypeapie said...

Hey Karen ~ Thanks for the info. I'll share it with Lee, although I really hope I can talk him out of it!

Hey TCE ~ Good idea -- thanks! I'm still finding little round poop pellets in the house from that rascally rabbit!

I really wish I had taken a picture of the frog. Lee caught it for Neal, who in turn decided it should live in the bathtub along with several toy frog friends.

The Country Experience said...

Still finding the rabbit's poop? Hmm. My pet rabbit was very good about going to the bathroom section of his crate when he had to go. I'd leave the door open for him and he'd go back in whenever he needed to. It made me give credence to people's claims that they could be litter-box trained. Sounds like yours didn't have that instinct.

countrypeapie said...

TCE, I can't say that we really put a whole lot of effort into litter training him, but I have heard that it can be done. Rabbit ownership took us a bit by surprise -- we were innocent bystanders when he hopped up and adopted us!