Sunday, June 14, 2009


On Saturday, we all wished Mister Neal a very happy fifth birthday. He is freckled and dimpled and fresh, unfurling green, like the bean sprouts reaching upupup toward the top of the tepee.

He got his first real bicycle, with training wheels, a helmet, and some pads. There is nothing like that gasping moment of excited big kidness spinning around in spokes and pedals and tires.

We are clearing the downed hackberry from the yard, trying to make way for his party.

Before ~

After ~

I don't think a helmet and pads would have saved this old lady. But she grew big and strong, and she lived a good long time. And that's how things roll.


Julia said...

Hurray for Neal's Birthday!! He's such a big fellow and I love 5, it's a wonderful year. C has a card she's drawn for him, I hope he doesn't mind late greetings ;-).

mountainmelody said...

I love the way you write! :)

Rurality said...

We had a limb down from a huge hackberry in our yard too. I was in Prattville and missed all the excitement.

Cute Bday boy!

Allison said...

Happy fifth birthday to Neal! Jimminy, it sure does go fast, doesn't it?

countrypeapie said...

Hello Julia! I am certain he won't mind a bit. :)

Thanks MM - what a lovely compliment!

Thanks Karen! I hope there wasn't anything in the way of that limb on its way down.

Thanks Allison -- yes, it does! We're still ironing out the details of his party, but as soon as we know more, we'll send Riley an invitation.

Patsy said...

So sorry about your tree. If something happened to our big oak tree we'd have to move.

I love hackberry trees, and they grow so fast. I have tried in vain to find them for sale to plant on the sunny side of our house.

countrypeapie said...

Hi Patsy ~ Thanks. There's a big old oak in our front yard -- its roots are in bad shape and I fear we'll lose it someday soon, which would of course break my heart.

I like hackberries, too, but I've met a few people who don't. I think as long as they're not planted where the birds and the berries make a mess on your car, they're beautiful! I don't recall ever seeing them at garden shops, or even in catalogs, but if I ever come across any, I'll let you know.

jim said...