Thursday, November 20, 2008

tending fires

Field grows frost in the big of night,
in the negative space where cold and quiet silently implode,
leave behind the empty big of night
where slow things grow.

Earthworms find us out,
discover we have made sun like gods of the indoors,
abandon the unturned compost,
curse the floor and wither.

We want to make a man of snow.
In the shadow of the broken rooted oak,
shoulders under shawl of hay and leaves,
we shall build his predictable demise,

then crawl inside to tend the fire.


Allison said...


So did y'all get a new stove?

countrypeapie said...

Yes -- it's wonderful! It keeps us warm all night long, and it's fun to experiment with popping corn and other stove-top cooking.