Saturday, April 25, 2009

one way to wake up

When Lee stepped out onto the porch this morning and said Oh my God!, I thought surely something had happened to one of the chickens. But no. Instead, a bigass cow was casually strolling down the middle of the road. Lee hopped into the car to alert the Sanders, and thus ensued a cow chase. At one point, a woman came along in a gray car and Lee jumped out into the road to stop her. She didn't slow down, so he lifted his hands to his head and pointed his index fingers out from his temples in the universal sign for There's a cow in the road. She never stopped. It occured to me that perhaps he had mistakenly made the universal sign for I'm a crazy devil man jumping out in front of your car, so maybe it was all just a misunderstanding. A bit later, having lost track of the cow (I don't really understand how this happened), a man rode past on a bicycle. Lee yelled, Have you seen a cow? He hadn't.

It took three people to find the cow and put her back where she belonged.


mountainmelody said...

:) gotta love country living!

Julia said...

Very hilarious. I can just imagine the lady's thoughts after seeing Lee and before seeing the cow (around the corner perhaps?).

Did it take a bucket of something to get the cow home?

My word vert is chortle. How apt!

Lythrum said...

Definately one of the things that you don't run into every day. :) Glad she made it home. :)

countrypeapie said...

Hey MM ~ Yep!

Hi Julia ~ I can only hope that poor woman did finally see the cow.

It took a trucket (truck + bucket) -- the Sanders chased her (the cow, not the woman) down in their old red pickup truck -- the one they use to feed the cows.

Hi Lythrum ~ I guess she just felt like getting away from it all for a while!

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