Sunday, April 19, 2009

vacation chronicles, day five: return

Tuesday, April 14

The kids want to see the
battleship before we head home, but first things first: we drive back down to Foley, pick up the car (it starts!), and return the rental car. So much for a cheap vacation.

The kids LOVE the battleship, and the submarine, and the airplanes. It just so happens that the annual meeting of USS Alabama World War II vets is being held on the day we visit, and we encounter lots of older men sitting on deck, in common a wistful gaze across the bay, somewhere past water and sky.

in the brig!

That about does it for the Waites family spring vacation. I think the older you get, the less time it takes to be able to laugh about things that might seem kinda yucky while they're happening. Just now, thinking back on the trip in its entirety, I feel a silent bellysmile spreading up to my mouth and then my mind. It just might turn into a full-fledged chuckle.


Journey2thepast said...

I don't know what's better - reading this or hearing it all in person! I don't mean to laugh at your pain, but....I'm laughing my butt off!! I think vacation with you guys would definitely be an adventure and I love how you take it all in stride. I would have completely had a melt down.

countrypeapie said...

It seems as though these sorts of things started happening to us right around the time Lee's grandmother passed away. We suspect she plots against us from beyond. ;)