Thursday, April 16, 2009

vacation chronicles, day one: departure

Friday, April 10

Perhaps I was being a little ambitious. Pick up son's birth certificate from health department, register him for kindergarten, work six hours, pack, and head to the beach, preferably with the kids asleep in the car.

Picking up the birth certificate was easy. I added it to my folder containing the social security card and the utility bill (to prove that we live in the school district). Went to the primary school, filled out the forms, handed over the info. Did you know that any old utility bill will not do? State law: it must be a power bill. Conveniently (or not, as the case may be), we pay the power bill online, which means that I must go back home to print it. Oh, and apparently, although the registration instructions do not state this, you are expected to bring your child with you for screening. Screening. It's kindergarten. I mean, do they give him a pair of scissors to see if he'll run? Okay. So I go home, work for a while, print the bill, pick up my son early from daycare, and take him to be screened. He passes! Whew. I'd hate to think he's not prepared to begin a year of "school" that's not even really required.

Registration done, we head outside and are almost to the car when a voice comes over the PA: Blount County schools will be closing at 1:00 pm due to expected bad weather. I look at my cell phone: it's 12:30 pm. I take my son's hand, we turn around, fetch my daughter, and head home.

Once home, the wind picks up. A lot. I'm trying to work with both kids in the house, and then feel compelled to add TV to the mix so that I may monitor the weather. The TV is on for a few minutes before the power goes out. Interesting. Whatever happened to that weather radio I got for Christmas one year? I call Lee. "Do you know what's going on with the weather?" Because there is no good place to be in our house during really bad weather.

Fortunately, while some other places saw wicked hail and tornadic activity, we saw only wind. Lots and lots of wind. Eventually, the power was restored, just in time for me to send one last email of apology to my workmates for taking a vacation in the middle of a crisis. A vacation that, so far, is off to a frenetic start.

(And did I mention that in the midst of all this, our dog is at the vet, hooked up to an IV, recovering from dehydration due to the parvo virus? So we can't take her with us as we had planned. Don't worry, though -- she's okay in the end.)


mountainmelody said...

what a crazy day!

Allison said...

Aw, geez, Meg, what a day! It's times like these that I feel there should really be spontaneous awards given out for hanging in there. Like "You didn't just throw your hands up in despair, but kept pressing on in the face of adversity!" TaDA! A golden prize! Alas, usually the reward is that you also get to make dinner and get the kids ready for bed, but I guess that has it's own reward in the end, as you eventually get to fall over in a heap and do nothing for several hours in a row. ;-)

countrypeapie said...

Hey MM ~ I'll say! You've had some crazy ones, too -- I like the way you chronicle yours by time. I can definitely relate to the ones that involve 280 traffic.

Hey Allison ~ Yes, sometimes Mommy just needs a big gold star and a nap!

The Country Experience said...

I guess sending out accurate and complete instructions on how to register your child is too much to expect? Sheesh.

What a day! You need a vacation after that day alone. And the puppy has parvo, too. :(

countrypeapie said...

Hi TCE ~ Um, yes, in case you ever have kids, be prepared for the fact that no matter what kind of school they're in, you will rarely find yourself on the receiving end of adequate communication.

Puppy is okay now, thank goodness!