Monday, June 1, 2009

things that happened over the weekend

1. Made important business call from home while kids played outside.

2. Received note from kid number one during important business call: Come outside! Giant tree down in back yard!

3. Mourned loss of big, old hackberry.

4. Went to Montgomery to help with yard sale. Return on investment for yard sale: not so hot. Did manage to come away with this and this.

5. Mourned fact that kid number two expelled almost every known bodily fluid onto places it didn't belong while in Montgomery helping with yard sale. Return on investment for kid number two: still crunching the numbers.

6. Learned enough about wild plants that I am now enjoying home-brewed sassafras tea. See more here.

7. Planted cucumbers.

8. Displaced camera purchase with purchase of one full sized violin for kid number one, and one quarter-sized violin for kid number two. Totally okay with that.


Julia said...

Violin and viola! Hurrah! Do you guys have any fiddle music?

Hope that kid2 is feeling much better since said expellsion. (Is that a word?)

mountainmelody said...

sounds like a busy weekend! hate that I missed being with you all. I hope that your kids learn to play old-time fiddle music! :)

Rurality said...

Ooh that Gibbons book is a great find!

Allison said...

Wait--the tree down in the back yard isn't the humongous one with the rope swing on it, is it?

countrypeapie said...

Hey Julia ~ Just the violins at present -- still need music and a teacher. But we're all having fun pretending to know what we're doing. Kid2 was almost immediately better, scarfing down three pieces of pizza only hours after the incidents (each different fluid was its own incident -- eeewww!). Totally fine by the next day.

Hey MM ~ It was a very busy weekend, but the weed walk was a relaxing break. We missed you! And yes, old-time fiddle music is where it's at!

Rurality, I must have read something about that book at some point, because as soon as I saw the spine, I snatched it up, knowing it was something good. I don't know why I didn't think to bring it and the Peterson's Wildflower book to our walk. Next time!

countrypeapie said...

Hey Allison ~ Yes, sadly, it is. It was about at the end of its hackberry lifespan, and all that rain just did it in. Of course, that insanely huge wisteria vine that was holding the trunk together where it was already cracking is still firmly implanted in the ground. It kept the tree from crashing even when it fell. The whole yard will look different once it's cleared. :(

Allison said...

DANG!! That tree will be sorely missed!

Julia said...

Awful about the tree! I didn't realize which one it was.

Close reading revealed two violins ;-). Dueling fiddles in the future?

countrypeapie said...

Lee is slowly clearing the tree from the yard, cutting it into firewood for winter. I can't quite envision what everything will look like once it's completely gone.

Lee is learning some banjo rolls, too. I think we might get ourselves a bus, paint it wacky, and go on tour!