Wednesday, June 3, 2009

you might not be a domestic goddess if...

~ You find yourself eating yogurt with muesli out of a Christmas mug using a fork.

~ Days later, you still have little white dots all over the floor from when your four-year-old made shaved styrofoam with the shaved ice machine.

~ It doesn’t bother you one bit to leave the clothes on the line in the rain. The sun’ll come out tomorrow.

~ Your idea of clearing the recycling out of the kitchen typically results in the recycling clinking in your car trunk for, like, a month.

~ You have quilts hanging up in your windows instead of curtains, just like when you were in college.

~ A friend recommends the Roomba for daily maintenance, but notes that it doesn't replace your weekly deep cleaning, and you think, Good Lord, what IS she talking about?

~ You notice there is a spider’s web between your guitar and the bookshelf it’s resting against when you pull it out to put some stickers on the case. Wait a minute: this means you’re not a rock star, either. Damn. What the hell happened?


mountainmelody said...

~you let your grass grow as high as possible before the old people next door start harassing you to cut it

~you panic when someone asks to come over unexpectedly

~your favorite appliance is the microwave

~you figure that just a few holes in your 1970s carpet shouldn't really matter

I could go on! :)

Great post!

countrypeapie said...

LOL! Thanks MM -- I'm glad I'm not the only one!

Allison said...

Hey, don't get the wrong idea now. Just because I *talk* about a weekly deep cleaning doesn't mean it's always happening around our house either! But I do have to say that the dust bunnies don't get half the chance to accumulate when the Roomba's a-runnin'. Or you could do like my mom did and assign the work to the children. ;-)

Rurality said...

Weekly deep cleaning, har, har.

Where do you take your recycling?

countrypeapie said...

Hey Allison ~ Your Roomba recommendation is what lead me to really consider purchasing one. It's on my short list. Your house always looks so nice! But I trust there are times when the laundry and the dishes are piled up and I'm just not there to see it (right?). ;)

Rurality, I take it all the way to the Conservancy in Birmingham. It's not called that anymore, though -- I think it's called the Alabama Environmental Recycling Center, or something like that. It's around 2nd Ave N between 24th and 25th St.

Julia said...

You should see my violin case. Majorly dusty. Poor violin. Besides the floors, regularly swept by James as he crawls by, the computer keyboard is the only perpetually dust free environment in our house I'd guess!

countrypeapie said...

Hee hee -- Julia, I just had a thought that you could make James a suit out of microfiber cloths.

Journey2thepast said...

OK - is it bad that I can picture the exact look on your face as you typed each one of these? The Roomba one is classic!

allison said...

I'd forgotten about baby-as-roomba. Riley would graze on the dustbunnies in the corners when he was a baby. Very handy!

The Country Experience said...

I agree completely, CPP. Weekly deep cleaning? Pfffth!

I'm waiting to see at what point my husband looks around the house and feels compelled to clean it or feels that it reflects badly on him. Anyone want to make a bet on when that will happen? (Hint: it hasn't happened yet so.....) ;)

countrypeapie said...

HB, you know me too well!

Allison, I remember one time the kids got into the baby wipes and starting wiping everything in the house. Not very environmentally friendly, but I sure wasn't gonna stop 'em!

TCE, I've played that game before. How gross can it get before somebody other than myself does something about it? I never win.